Shared vs VPS Hosting


Congratulation! You have new website with top-level domain! But, wait... Why you can’t open it on your browser? One of the possible reason is your website is not on the internet...yet. You need service that allows you to post website or webpage onto the internet. That is what hosting for. Just like its name ‘host’, hosting is a business or service of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more websites. Hosting puts your site on server that connects it to the world.

Website on Blogger, Wordpress, or any third-party website platform is already posted by shared hosting, so you don’t necessarily need to buy hosting service. But website that made from scratch or non-blog platform usually needs hosting service. You can choose between shared hosting or Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting that suits your site personality.

Imagine 100 GB data plan for family of 4. Every member of the family could use it for their personal purpose. Logically, it would be fair if 100 GB is shared to 25 GB per person. But, practically there is no quota limitation to use. One would use more quota than others and, of course, other would use less. Shared data plan means sharing bandwidth. It affects connection speed for every user. In one hand, shared data plan is cheaper than personal data, but, with same amount of money each, you don’t always get the same internet quota. That is pretty similar with shared hosting.

Shared hosting means your website share bandwidth and security with other websites posted on same server, while VPS hosting lets you have your personal bandwidth and security that makes your website or webpage runs faster. This happens because website with VPS hosting doesn’t affected by other sites. Because of those things, the price you have to pay between shared hosting and VPS hosting is different. Shared hosting is cheaper than VPS hosting. Here are the differences between them and why VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting:

Shared hosting and VPS hosting can be placed in same server, but the benefits are different. Your website or webpage shares RAM or memory, maximum available CPU, and disk space usage if you use shared hosting. Those limitation will not happen if you choose VPS hosting. Greater private disk space and higher resources of VPS hosting will be great if you want to expand your business or website.

Like you have already read before, you have to share bandwidth with other websites if you choose shared hosting. When the traffic is high, you will face ‘bandwidth competition’ with your host fellow that will cause unresponsive website or website can’t be opened. VPS hosting lets you stay calm about the traffic, because you don’t share your connection, bandwidth, and resources.

Both shared hosting and VPS hosting have security. The difference is in shared hosting, there is a risk called noisy neighbor problem. It means other website monopolises bandwidth, CPU, and/or other resources that can negatively affect you and other users’ performance. Shared hosting security will protect your website, but just like other shared hosting resource, it has limitation and won’t work as optimise as VPS hosting security that only focus on 1 website at a time.

Another good thing using shared hosting after cheaper price is shared hosting handles server administration. Shared hosting user doesn’t have to have dedicated system administration like VPS hosting user. VPS hosting user gets to control and customise its resources, including bandwidth limit. But, you have to know and have skill in using Linux.

If your website has maximum roughly 30.000 monthly visitor, you still can use shared hosting. But if more or you have intention to scaling up your website and business, you need to consider moving to VPS hosting for its better resources, so your website will not face exceeding bandwidth.

The similarity between shared hosting and VPS hosting is when the server is down, no matter hosting you use, it won’t be accessible to open. So, what’s best hosting for your website? It depends on what you need.



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