Ups and downs.
Smiles and frowns.
Hugs and fights.
Make ups and break ups.

No, it was never easy to be with someone with opposite personality from you.
We argue, a lot.
We hurt each other, unintentionally.
And sometimes we felt sick with us.

It was exhausting.
We were tired.

But did we walk out from us?


Relationship is not always filled with flowers and butterflies.
Not only about happy and lovey-dovey.
We know it too well.
We know us so well.

Distance tries to tear us apart.
Time tries to push us away.
Some people waits for our final goodbye.
But some wishes the best for you and I.

Our plane is still on critical first 3 minutes.
Our roller coaster is on the edge before double loops.
Our sea is calm just like before the storm.
Our future is still at stake.

But did we walk away from us?

Because no matter how hard the life gets...

Or how rough our path is...
We still have each other. And that is enough.
Yours truly,


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