The Story of Us

Those are things my friends, and probably his too, said to me when I told them about him. About us what I'm feeling. They might be right. They might be wrong. They might be both. 

You know I don't believe in 'love at the first sight'. But I have to admit that I was attracted to the thought of him since the very first time I heard things about him.

The moment he came and talked with our office mate, who sat in front of me back then, I knew he's my type. Sounds cheesy? Well... I've never said it before I met him. Or have I?

As a new girl at work, I called people with 'Mas', 'Mbak', or 'Kak' even they're younger than me. But I don't know why I called him by his first name. Only name, no formality-thingy. Until weeks ago he asked me "why do you call him 'Mas', but call me only (let's call him) Leonardo?". He doesn't know I like his name.

...Just like he didn't know I wanted to call him 'Sayang' instead of 'Bang' as he requested.

I never thought we could be this close. Such a wildest dream. But it happened. With a simple afterwork karaoke night with colleagues, then... Voila! I was officially hooked by Leonardo Da Vinci. HAHAHA.
A lot can happen in a year month.
After the night I couldn't (and wouldn't) forget, we were getting closer and closer. Nah, not that smooth... We I had up-and-down. The unfinished business(es) with former lover(s), the insecurities, the communication, et cetera... Et cetera... You know what is funny about it? What happened to me only makes me want to fight harder for him. For us. Congratulation for him, another achievements unlocked.
"I'll resign next month," he said on the end of April.
WHAAAAT?! I knew what he felt about his job and stuffs. I knew sooner or later he'd took this choice. But that soon?! I asked him over and over again about his decision, even though I'd already knew his answer. :(

BTW, I have another ironically funny thing! We both treated our colleagues in same week. Monday was my birthday. As a tradition, I treated my colleagues with Lapis Bogor. Friday, not his birthday, but he treated us with pisang madu as his farewell party. Yes. Yesterday was his last day.

He never 'talked' in office Skype group. And the first and only chat from him I read on the group was the farewell message. It was...heartbreaking for me, knowing he won't be around anymore.

He told me "I'm here, still in West Jakarta or East Jakarta. I'm going nowhere, Mi,". But still, He was never "here". Like Snow Patrol says in Just Say Yes:
I'm running out of ways to make you see that I want you to stay here beside me.
I tweeted #TheStoryofUs last week. He thinks it is for my ex. Hahaha. It is for him actually. I really want to tell the world the story of us. But how could I do it if there is no us?



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