Saturday, February 01, 2014

Dear You

I hate you.

Well, not YOU. But what you've done. You woken the alien within me up. The woman I've never know before. Love? Lust? Mixed, both love and lust. We're only 20! What's love without lust? ;)

I prefer say our relationship based our mutual needs. You need me, in ways I can't describe, just like I need you, beyond my wildest imagination. You have no idea how I am craving for you when you're not around. How I long for your calm yet passionate scent.

Do you realize a simple "I love you" line from you can make my day brighter and better? Do you feel what I'm feeling when you get mad or upset by something? I'm hurt when you're hurt. It's getting worse if I am the one who make you feel bad. :'(

You keep telling me I'm so kind. You keep saying you're a jerk. No, dear. You're the best man I've ever known in my life. Since best man should be with best woman, I try my best to be the best for you, my super man. Cause in my deepest heart, yeah right I have a heart, I feel comfort when you're claiming me as yours. And you are mine.

You know how relieve I am when you greet me in the morning and text me good night? Be the first woman who's in your mind when you open your eyes and the latest thing you think before you close those sparkling, lovely eyes. You know how worry I am when you kiss me on my forehead right before you go home? Cause I can't bear a silly thought that that'd be your last kiss. :'(

I'm not a beauty queen nor a princess. I'm not a skirt-dress-and-heels girl too. Seriously, I'm nothing compares to your handsome looks. And don't you dare comparing me with your ex's! But you're not a knight in shining armor nor a prince on a white horse. One thing I can assure you, you're the right man in the right place in the right time. Hope you feel the same way too.

Thank you, for the addiction you caused me.

I love you, H.